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As a client, our success is often determined by the end result: the final design; the final product; the final sales figures; the final profit margin; the final league table! Thus, whilst it is necessary to start well, a company's driving force is normally to 'end' well. Within recruitment, the key component for the client is their staff. As the client, you are responsible for making the final decision that could either have a positive or negative impact within your organisation, irrespective of the role.

Our role is to serve you 

Clients – it ends with you

It is a well-known phrase that 'you are only as good as the people around you'. Despite the increase in technology, the value of a human resource cannot be replaced. 

The main priority in recruitment, used to be about having the right skill set to meet the needs of the role. Yet, it has become increasingly notable, during recent years, that finding the right 'personality fit' is arguably more important than meeting the required skills. The recent trend highlights that clients, in their final decision making, have increasingly opted for the person with less experience but the right personality fit, as opposed the person with the appropriate qualifications, but not the desired team fit.

Our role is to serve you 

This viewpoint emphasises how important it is to recruit the right individual for your role. With this in mind, as your recruiter, it is important for us to know and understand the company culture, so we may be best placed to recognise and source the right individuals for your organisation.

Thus, our role is to serve you, governed by the motivation that the recruitment process 'ends well' with YOU, the client.

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It ends with you