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What is my purpose?

It starts with you!

What is my purpose?.

Too often your job and your purpose are separate hence 'The Gap'!

Our passion in recruitment is to help and support individuals who are seeking the right career that promotes their inner self and truly fulfills what they were born to do.

"Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.

If you love what you are doing,
you will be successful."

Albert Schweitzer

Why The Gap?

Why is it that people live for the weekend? Friday is too far away, and Monday is always too soon! Just because we can do something and have learnt the correct skills, does not necessarily mean it is our passion. Our identity should be revealed in our passion, and our work should be an extension of our passion, revealing what we were born to do.

Dare to be YOU!

Who we are should be revealed in what we do.

That is why we have set people the following challenge:

'Dare to be YOU!'. 
Being 'you' should equate to your job complimenting your personality, not restricting it.

We are working in an age where recruiting the right person is foremost in the client's mind, yet the candidate often believes they have to adopt a different identity in their work environment; this paradox defies logic!

Our desire is to help you identify the passion that needs to be reflected in your chosen career.

We owe it to ourselves to fill 'the gap' in our lives.
Clients turn to recruitment agencies to 'fill a gap'.
Candidates respond to job vacancies because they are experiencing 'a gap'.
Therefore, recruitment is strategically placed to help fill The Gap.

You were born for a purpose!

Candidates - It starts with you!

The most important person is you!

You are an individual. When a job is created, the designer has an individual in mind. When a client is seeking to replace a member of staff, they have an individual in mind. That individual can be you!

Managing your ambitions 

Everyone has different requirements and expectations. It is important to manage these ambitions according to the person, as opposed to managing the job into the individual!

Instead of asking: "can I tick enough boxes to apply for this job"?

Ask: "does this vacancy have the potential to fulfil me?"

Both questions are important, but the latter question determines how successful our decision-making will be.

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It starts with you