My husband is a different man

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I was experiencing isolation, fear, emotional distress and rejection in our marriage. My husband was prone to angry outbursts, moodiness and depression, and I couldn’t talk to him. He became too defensive and aggressive. It was a struggle for years to find the root cause for this behaviour- latent grief- and to rebuild our relationship. Gary was our solution. I was close to ending the marriage entirely, as we had a baby son, and my confidence, health and well-being was affected. We have finally turned a corner and begun relating like best friends again. It’s still a work in progress so we see Gary regularly, but it is a godsend and very necessary. My husband is a typical man- he doesn’t do ‘feelings’, and he hates talking about himself. But Gary has a way of reaching him, and intuitively communicating with great respect and clarity. My husband loves his work now too, and is a different man because of his influence. Thank you Gary.

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