Gary kept me focused!

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I would highly recommend the Gap Enterprises for Life Coaching I was thinking a few months ago about my life being stagnate and my career is not as challenging as I would like it to be.

I spoke with Gary Napier from The Gap Enterprises, about it He said “Sam I think I have got something for you the ‘Dare to be YOU!’ course, I am running.
Gary asked me to get a journal and title it ‘Dare to be YOU!’, then write down your talents, gifts, skills, and a few other things. I was like OMG, I not good at doing things like this!
Then he gave me a few pointers to help me in this area. Next we set up for a video conference the following week. This was at the beginning of July, it is now mid August and I am at a point of knowing what my purpose is I am not the greatest student and I missed a couple of sessions, but Gary understood, (we can’t all be perfect ).
Throughout the process Gary has kept me focused,
It has been challenging at times but has also opened up my mind. I have realised too, the time I have wasted on things which have not been beneficial or good for me.

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