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Do you have a temper and get easily angry?

Are you desperate to control your anger but do not know how?

Anger is an emotion, which expressed in the right context, should be perceived as positive rather than negative. Yet, anger does become a problem when the emotion controls our thoughts and actions. Anger is often released when our situation or a loved one has been threatened or are in danger of being harmed.

Indeed, the root of anger is notably, frustration and lack of control. As men, not being in control of our circumstances, strikes against our core DNA. In reality, when we feel or we have little or no control, anger naturally increases, sometimes, resulting in rage. This phenomenon is within us all.

Talking about one’s frustrations, insecurity and perceived threat’s is a major weapon in defeating anger that is becoming or has become out of control.

Our anger management services are provided in the UK and Mallorca; via video-call, telephone or in person.

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